Gym Memberships:
A Gym Membership will allow you to bring your dog to The Agility Gym and use the equipment during Gym Hours.

Members take turns, in order of arrival, using the ring for 3-minutes at a time running the Agility Course with their dog.  A Ring Official will always be present to keep order and ensure safety.

No moving of the equipment is permitted, except for jump height.

Members may register up to 5 dogs per session, however, crating space is limited and on a first come, first serve basis.  

Memberships are limited to 15 Members per 6-week session.

Cost is $75/per session.

- Handler must have completed at least ONE Agility Class from any school.
- Dog must be up to date on vaccines.

Open Gym:
Thursdays: 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM

2019 Session Dates: 
Session 1:       1/7/19 thru 2/16/19
Session 2:     2/17/19 thru 3/30/19
Session 3:     3/31/19 thru 5/18/19
Session 4:     5/19/19 thru 7/20/19  
Session 5:     7/21/19 thru 8/31/19
Session 6:       9/8/19 thru 10/26/19
Session 7:     10/27/19 thru 12/14/19​

No Open Gym or Classes the Week of:
1/1/19 thru 1/6/19
4/21/19 thru 4/28/19
5/26/19 thru 6/2/19
6/30/19 thru 7/14/19
9/1/19 thru 9/8/19
10/6/19 thru 10/13/19
11/24/19 thru 12/1/19
12/15/19 thru 1/5/20​

Click the REGISTRATION FORMS tab above to download a Registration Form.  

The Registration Form, Gym Membership Waiver/Code of Conduct, copies of vaccine records, and payment MUST be received BEFORE the session begins.

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for availability
Run-Thru's on Wednesday's from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.  $5.00 per Dog.
You may come to any Open Gym time for $10.00 per Handler. 

You must have prior experience with agility equipment or have taken a class.